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Michael Leitner

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Mailing Address:
Michael Leitner
TU München
Lichtenbergstr. 1
85747 Garching, Germany
Office: UYM 03 78 (on top of the neutron guide hall east)
Hours: flexible, but please make an appointment
Phone: +49-89-289-11762

I am the leader of a small group at the neutron source FRM-II with a quite broad range of interest encompassing various both experimental and theoretical aspects of condensed matter on the atomic scale, see my research interests. I am also associated to the chair E 13 at the Physics Department of the Technical University Munich, working under Prof. Winfried Petry. Previously, I graduated and did my doctoral studies at the Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna in the group Dynamics of Condensed Systems (chair of Gero Vogl), followed by a brief stay as post-doc there.

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