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Here I gather all programming projects that are in some form presentable to the public (and hopefully also somewhat interesting).

The applets are written in Java and should start out of the web browser. If you have problems starting them, probably you have disabled the Java Virtual Machine. The source code is available, so feel free to toy around with it.

Apart from the applets, below there are small programs that have already been valuable for me, and I would be delighted to hear if other people also found them useful. Anybody who knows the concept of compiling should be able to make them work.

All code is available under the conditions of the GNU General Public Licence.

Monte-Carlo Simulation Applet

still of an applet A Monte-Carlo simulation of the kinetics in a phase separating system, where you can specify all the parameters.
the source files

Lauegramm Applet

still of an applet A crystal lattice in real and reciprocal space.
the source files

Pixel coordinate picker

generic figure with data For extracting data from figures.


For extracting ranges of records from a file.

A tagging database

For organizing my literature by tags.
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