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Atomic diffusion in Cu-Au

Atomic diffusion studied with coherent X-rays

In this paper we report on the first successful experiment utilising coherent X-rays for following the diffusion of atoms. We deduce the activation energy of chemical diffusion in a Cu-Au alloy, and we directly determine the atomistic jump mechanism. We also show quantitatively how short-range order influences the measureable coherent relaxation times. The derivation of the theory can be found in this publication.

It was published in Nature Materials on 26 July 2009, doi:10.1038/nmat2506 an appeared in volume 8, page 717. I am allowed to make a postprint of the accepted paper in my own formatting available here.

See also the concomitant News and Views ''X-ray spectroscopy: Revealing the atomic dance'' by G. Brian Stephenson, Aymeric Robert and Gerhard Grübel.
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