Crystal Lattice Structures: Reference Date:  1 Jan 1998
Last Modified: 21 Oct 2004

Index by Space Group

Space groups are listed in the order they appear in the Crystallographic Tables.

Where it conflicts with the Crystallographic Tables we use the notation in Pearson's Handbook.

Space Group generators, Wyckoff positions, etc., are available online via the very useful Bilbao Crystallographic Server, and at the National Research Council of Canada's Generation of standard and alternate settings of the 230 Space Groups page. The easiest way to find information about a given space group is to use the Table of Space Group Symbols.

We also have more information on how space groups are presented here.

Each class of space groups corresponds to certain Pearson Symbols. Clicking on the appropriate symbol will take you to that part of the Pearson Symbol Index,

Space Group Classes:

Class Pearson Symbols
Cf icon Triclinic Structures
Te icon Monoclinic Structures
   mPn    mCn   
AsGa icon Orthorhombic Structures
   oPn    oFn    oIn    oCn   
CuTe icon Tetragonal Structures
   tPn    tIn   
beta Po icon Trigonal Structures
   hPn    hRn
hcp icon Hexagonal Structures
fcc icon Cubic Structures
   cPn    cFn    cIn   

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