Crystal Lattice Structures: Reference Date:  1 Sep 1995
Last Modified: 21 Oct 2004

Carbon and Related Structures

Picture of Diamond Lattice

Structures with sp2 bonding:

Graphite Icon
Graphite (A9)
Buckled Graphite Icon
Buckled Graphite
Rhombohedral Graphite Icon
Rhombohedral Graphite
BN (B_k) Icon
BN (Bk)
BN (B12) Icon
BN (B12)
hexagonal omega icon
hexagonal ω Phase (C32)
W_2 B_5 (D8_h) Icon
W2B5 (D8h)
Mo_2 B_5 (D8_i) Icon
Mo2B5 (D8i)
As Cu_3 S_4 (H2_5) icon
(Enargite, H25)
AlB4Mg icon
CaIn2 icon
Li3N icon
  MgB2C2 icon

Structures with sp3 bonding:

Diamond   Icon
Lonsdaleite Icon
(Hexagonal Diamond)
Zincblende icon
Zincblende (Cubic ZnS)
Wurtzite Icon
Wurtzite (Hexagonal ZnS)
6H-CSi Icon
Moissanite-6H (CSi)
9R-CSi icon
Moissanite-9R (CSi)
4H-CSi Icon
Moissanite-4H (CSi)
Beta Tin Icon
βSn (A5)
BC8 Icon
`BC8' Si
ST12 Icon
`ST12' Si
SC16 icon
SC16 (AlSb)
Alpha Arsenic Icon
αAs (A7)
Chalcopyrite icon
Chalcopyrite (E11)
Al2CdS4 icon
Al2CdS4 (E3)
Al5C3N icon
Al5C3N (E94)
Stannite icon
Stannite (H26)
As Cu_3 S_4 icon
cubic AsCu3S4
cubane icon
Solid Cubane (C8H8)
3 member ring icon
Tetrahedrally Bonded Carbon
with 3 Member Rings
4 member ring icon
Tetrahedrally Bonded Carbon
with 4 Member Rings
BCT5 Icon
bct5 (metastable Si)
Si (34) Clathrate
Si34 Clathrate
Si (46) Clathrate
Si46 Clathrate
AsGa icon
AsGa (> 24 GPa)
CTi2 icon
Ca33Ge (CTi2)
  gamma-Pu icon
γPu Structure

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