Crystal Lattice Structures: Reference Date:  1 Sep 1995
Last Modified: 12 Mar 2007

Cubic Close Packed Crystals

Picture of fcc lattice

beta-Np icon
βNp (Ad)
fcc icon
fcc (A1)
indium icon
In (A6)
gamma Se icon
γSe (A8)
PbO icon
PbO (B10)
CdAu icon
CdAu (B19)
CO icon
CO (B21)
CuO icon
CuO (B26)
Si U_3 icon
SiU3 (D0c)
Ir_3 Si icon
Ir3Si (D0'c)
Al_3 Ti icon
Al3Ti (D022)
Al_3 Zn icon
Al3Zr (D023)
Si_2 U_3 icon
Si2U3 (D5a)
CuAu icon
CuAu (L10)
CuPt icon
CuPt (L11)
Cu_3 Au icon
Cu3Au (L12)
Cd Pt_3 icon
CdPt3 (“L13”)
CuTi_3 icon
CuTi3 (L60)
Au5Mn2 icon
Au5 Mn2
CuTi_3 icon
Ga_2 Hf icon
Ga_3 Pt icon
Fe_4 C icon
NbNi8 icon
  NbP icon
NbP ("40")

These are hypothetical structures we use to study the properties of austenite steels. Note that the A1, L12, and Ca7Ge structures also belong in this sequence.
cI32 icon
cI32 (16 atoms)
cF108 icon
cF108 (27 atoms)
cP32 icon
cP32 (32 atoms)

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