Crystal Lattice Structures: Reference Date:  1 Sep 1995
Last Modified: 12 Mar 2007

Hexagonal Close-Packed Crystals

Picture of hcp structure

simple hexagonal icon
Simple Hexagonal
Lattice (Af)
hcp icon
hcp (A3)
alpha La icon
αLa (A3')
B_b icon
η AgZn (Bb)
tungsten carbide icon
Tungsten Carbide (Bh)
AsTi icon
AsTi (Bi)
NiAl icon
Nickel Arsenide (B81)
InNi2 icon
InNi2 (B82)
CoSn icon
CoSn (B35)
alpha Sm (9R) icon
αSm (C19, 9R)
Fe_2P icon
Original Fe2P (C22)
Fe_2P icon
Revised Fe2P (C22)
Bi_2 Te_3 icon
Bi2Te3 (C33)
Krennerite icon
Krennerite (AuTe2, C46)
TiSi2 icon
TiSi2 (C54)
Na3As icon
Na3As (D018)
Ni3Sn icon
Ni3Sn (D019)
CaCu5 icon
CaCu5 (D2d)
Al3Ni2 icon
Al3Ni2 (D519)
AlCCr2 icon
AlN3Ti4 icon
BaPtSb icon
Bainite icon
Bainite (Fe3C)
CMo icon
CaC_6 icon
FeTiO_3 icon
Ilmenite (FeTiO3)
H_3 Ho icon
H3 Ho
LiBC icon
PdAl icon
gamma-Pu icon

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